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It is a well known fact that nearly 8 out of every 10 people who write the learner’s test fail on their first attempt even after reading the official Learner’s handbook. And it is also a common occurrence that they go on to fail a few more times after that. In these times when slot availability to write a learner’s test is limited, it is essential that you pass your K53 learner’s test on your first attempt. You will also save a great deal of time and booking fees to rewrite the exam. So how do you pass the exam on your first try when the likelihood is that you will fail your learner’s test anyway? We have available a cheat sheet, study guide and the K53 App that that were authored by driving instructors with the sore purpose of ensuring that users are equipped with the knowledge required to understand the requirements of each question in the K53 learner’s test questions. Our study guide not only substantially reduces the study time you would need to fully understand the information in the official handbook but also makes it easy to pass the test on your very first attempt. 99% of users of our cheat sheets, study guide and the online K53 learner’s practice questions and answers. As a bonus, the package also includes the frequently asked test questions and answers. 99% of people who use our premium cheat sheets and study guide pass the learner’s test the very first time they write the test. Our website Also has information about how you can book your test online and what to do there after.

Our premium K53 learner’s test cheat sheet includes a summary of all the important information you will be tested on, actual frequently asked K53 test questions and answers and a well put together study guide that highlights the pitfalls that many people fall in during the exams.


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